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Welcome !

If you have ended on this page, it probably means that you were looking for information about linux and its components. Well, let's hope that you'll find your answer on this blog ^^

What you'll find here 


Our desire is to write articles and memos whenever we learn something about linux.


We will have to get our hands dirty in order to understand and remember what we read in books and on the web. The key points will be described here.


Once we got the basics, we will try to go further with small projects to associate knowledge with its practical application.

What you won't find here

Porn... obvisouly

No, seriously, we are not linux superstars so do not expect us to give you more information than what you can find on other sites. As mentioned above, this page is the result of our collaborative work and our only goal is to UNDERSTAND LINUX. So don't be suprised if some articles contain wrong statements, but feel free to contribute and comment as much as possible.


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