Friday, February 19, 2016

Emulate raspberrypi on Windows


QEmu is a powerfuln and open-source machine emulator. It allows you to run OSes and programs made for specific target machines on your desktop computer.
It can be compared to the popular VirtualBox and VMWare emulators but has a significant advantage in the fact that it can emulate ARM platforms. This is specifically why we are going to use it here.

How to proceed ?

Luckily, a full-packaged solution exists for Windows ! 

  • Follow this link:

and download the zip file.
  •  Unzip the file to your local hard drive 
  • Get into the unzipped qemu folder and double-click on run.bat.
There, you will see QEmu starting and initiating the boot of your virutal raspberry pi. Simply wait until the end of this process.
This is the screen you will normally see on first boot:

Ignore it for now, click on Finish.

  • Start raspbian
Run the following command at prompt:
and there you are ! In your virtual raspberry environment !

Default credentials

Login: pi
Password: raspberry

Enjoy !


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