Thursday, June 15, 2017

Django + Js : display counting timedelta in view

Suppose you have an entry in DB with a timestamp 'start_date'. You want to display the time elapsed since 'start_date' in your view and you want that delay to grow in real time like a clock. In the following example, the user can select one entry at a time and the counter has to be updated accordingly.

Note: To achieve this it is important to work with UTC timestamps in both DB and your view

Here is what my code in django looks like:

def get_entry_info(request):
    Recover information for the specified entry name
    entry_name = request.POST.get("name", None)
    if request.method == "POST" and entry_name is not None:
        data = {}
        # Get entry object 
        entry = MyEntries.objects.get(name=entry_name)
        data['start_date'] = int(time.mktime(entry.start_date.replace(tzinfo=None).timetuple())) * 1000 
        return JsonResponse(data)
        return HttpResponse("Invalid entry name")

Here is what my javascript code looks like:
var startDate;

// Loads content into the information panel
// @param data : data to be displayed in the information panel
function reloadInformationPanel(entryname){
    // Get job information from server
        headers: { "X-CSRFToken": '{{ csrf_token }}' },
        url: "{% url 'get_entry_info' %}",
        method: 'POST', 
        dataType: 'json',
        data: {
            'name': entryname, // outgoing data
        success: function (data) {        
            startDate = new Date(data.start_date);
        error: function(xhr,errmsg,err) {
            console.log(xhr.status + ": " + xhr.responseText); 

// Starts timer of job duration
function startTime() {
   var now = convertDateToUTC(new Date());
   var delay = new Date(now - startDate);
   document.getElementById('entry_duration').innerHTML = delay.getUTCHours() + "h" + delay.getUTCMinutes() + "m" + delay.getUTCSeconds() + "s";
   var t = setTimeout(startTime, 500);

// Converts a Date object to UTC
function convertDateToUTC(date) { 
   return new Date(date.getUTCFullYear(), date.getUTCMonth(), date.getUTCDate(), date.getUTCHours(), date.getUTCMinutes(), date.getUTCSeconds()); 

Now simply map reloadInformationPanel to the entry selection button ;)


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