Friday, April 7, 2017

WCE : Build process

Build process

BSP top Folder

BSP Folder Description
CATALOG BSP's catalog file (.pbcxml)
CESYSGEN BSP's makefile
FILES Files to be copied to the final image (nk.bin). Here are the main BSP configuration files. See What is a BSP ?
SRC Files needed to build the BSP

BSP SRC Folder

BSP Folder Description
INC BSP global header files
BOOT Bootloader's build directory
BOOTLOADER Networked bootloader's build directory
COMMON Code that is common to all components of the BSP
DRIVERS Target board's specific drivers
KITL KITL build directory
OAL OAL build directory

Build sequence

The build consists of 4 phases.
Phase Type Description
1 Compile phase Source and resource files are compiled into binaries. You should never need to recompile Windows CE sources.
2 Sysgen phase According to catalog items and dependenciy trees, SYSGEN variables are set. These variables act then as filters in header files to build a specific BSP.
3 Release copy phase The OS run-time files are copied to release directory.
4 Make run time image phase project.bib and project.reg are copied to release directory and according to their settings, the final run-time image is generated. Configuration files are merged: for instance, registry configuration file are merged into reginit.ini before being compiled in the final registry file.
The following diagram gives an overview of the build tools and how they interact with each other.

Behind the scene, Platform Builder relies on a set of batch scripts to compile the code. Build action calls buildemo.bat which in turn calls cebuild.bat, buildrel.bat and finally makeimage.exe.


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