Thursday, April 6, 2017

WCE7 : Setup tools to tweak the BSP

The following tools need to be installed (in this order):
  • Visual Studio 2008 Professional ENU
  • Visual Studio 2008 Professional SP1
  • Windows Compact 7 : Be sure to check Platform Builder option ! Don't install the binaries for all hardware architecture. Instead, pick ARMv7 only.

Note: You need to a valid license ! If this is the first use, you can register on Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 web page and get a 180 days demo license.


OS Customization tools


Install Autolaunch v310 (also available in the network directory or downloadable here).
Add to your OS Design from Catalog View, in Third Party->Embedded101->Check all checkboxes but CoreCon. It seems that when started from the AutoLaunch, the deployment speed slows down significantly.
AutoLaunch is a an executable that will start automatically at boot. It will look in registry for executables to run at OS startup.
The following lines will be automatically added to your OS image to start CoreCon and remote display (cerdisp) automatically at startup:
    "Process1"="cerdisp -c" 

The startup delay can be modified to any value (0 included).
If other applications need to be started at boot, simply add them like that:

Note: Process0 and Process1 are reserved to CoreCon and remote display. Do not use them for other applications.
Known Issue: If you are running under a french operating system, the postlink.bat script located in autolaunch project will not complete due to a path issue. You will end with a missing file (DeviceAgentTransport.dll in my case) in the global output result.

To resolve this issue, replace
"%Program Files%/Common files"
string with
in postlink.bat. If you program files directory is named
"Program Files (X86)"
, use this replacement string instead:
. Re-launch the build.



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  1. Hi Cem,
    When you said "from Catalog View", you mean from "Catalog Item View" or from "Catalog Editor"?
    Anyway, at this step we haven't yet our own project, so when you talk about "OS Design", are you talking about a cloned BSP or about a new OS Design project that we have to create in order to add features?


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