Friday, April 7, 2017

WCE7 : Develop a touchscreen driver

The Compact 7 touch driver architecture includes a touch driver and a touch proxy driver (WinCE 6 legacy interface).

Component Description
Touch driver Stream interface driver implemented as a layered driver. MDD exports standard stream interface functions (Init, PreDeInit, PreClose, Close, PowerDown, PowerUp, Read and IOContol). Since this is a stream interface driver, it is loaded by Device Manager.
Touch proxy driver Provides the WinCE 6 touch API. GWES loads this driver instead of touch driver.
Touch calibration DLL Not compiled in the driver. Separate DLL provided by Compact 7
The picture above, shows:
  • The initialization mechanism with blue arrows
  • The touch event management with red arrows

Where to start ?

Most of the components introduced in the first part are already included in Compact 7:
  • Touch driver proxy : _WINCEROOT\Public\Common\Oak\Drivers\touch
  • Touch driver MDD : _WINCEROOT\public\common\oak\drivers\touch\tchstreammdd
  • Calibration DLL : _WINCEROOT\public\common\oak\drivers\touch\tchcaldll
The only part that needs to be developed is the touch driver PDD which is the platform-dependent module (MDD is the platform independent module).
The interface of PDD is defined by the DDSI (Device Driver Stream Interface) and includes the following methods:

Function Description
TchPdd_Init Returns the pointers to the DDSI interface and initialize hardware
TchPdd_DeInit Clean up (hardware deinit, memory release...)
TchPdd_PowerUp Called by MDD (implicitely by power manager) at power-up
TchPdd_PowerUp Called by MDD (implicitely by power manager) at power-down
TchPdd_Ioctl Specific-features offered to the MDD

Enable touch screen mechanism

To enable the Compact 7's internal touchscreen, the following variables need to be defined in the OS Design from catalog item view.

Variable Description
SYSGEN_TOUCH If defined, the touch cursor will be set


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